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CS Zbrane

Heckler & Koch USP Tactical .45

(K&M .45 Tactical)
Cena: $ 500
Nboje: 12 / 100
Strana: Terorist / Counter-Terorist

Glock 18 Select Fire

(9x19mm Sidearm)
Cena: $ 400
Nboje: 20 / 120
Strana: Terorist / Counter-Terorist

Sig P228

(228 Compact)
Cena: $ 600
Nboje: 12 / 52
Strana: Terorist / Counter-Terorist

Desert Eagle

(Night Hawk .50C)
Cena: $ 650
Nboje: 7 / 35
Strana: Terorist / Counter-Terorist

Dual Beretta

(.40 Dual Elites)
Cena: $ 1000
Nboje: 30 / 120
Strana: Terorist

FN Five-Seven

(ES Five-Seven)
Cena: $ 750
Nboje: 20 / 100
Strana: Counter-Terorist


Benelli M3 Super 90

(Leone 12 Gauge Super)
Cena: $ 1700
Nboje: 8 / 32
Strana: Terorist / Counter-Terorist

Benelli XM1014

(Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun)
Cena: $ 3000
Nboje: 7 / 32
Strana: Terorist / Counter-Terorist

Mini samopali

Heckler & Koch MP5 Navy

(K&M Sub-machine Gun)
Cena: $ 1500
Nboje: 30 / 120
Strana: Terorist / Counter-Terorist

Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol

(Schmidt Machine Pistol)
Cena: $ 1250
Nboje: 30 / 120
Strana: Counter-Terorist

FN P90

(ES C90)
Cena: $ 2750
Nboje: 50 / 100
Strana: Terorist / Counter-Terorist

Ingram Mac-10

(Ingram Mac-10)
Cena: $ 1400
Nboje: 30 / 100
Strana: Terorist

H&K UMP 45

(K&M UMP 45)
Cena: $ 1700
Nboje: 25 / 200
Strana: Terorist / Counter-Terorist



(IDF Defender)
Cena: $ 2000
Nboje: 35 / 90
Strana: Terorist

AK 47

(CV 47)
Cena: $ 2500
Nboje: 30 / 90
Strana: Terorist

SIG SG-552

(Krieg 552 Commando)
Cena: $ 3500
Nboje: 30 / 90
Strana: Terorist


(Clarion 5.56)
Cena: $ 2250
Nboje: 25 / 90
Strana: Counter-Terorist

Colt M4A1 Carbine

(Maverick M4A1 Carbine)
Cena: $ 3100
Nboje: 30 / 90
Strana: Counter-Terorist

Steyr AUG

Cena: $ 3500
Nboje: 30 / 90
Strana: Counter-Terorist


Steyr Scout

(Schmidt Scout)
Cena: $ 2750
Nboje: 10 / 90
Strana: Terorist / Counter-Terorist

AI /Arctic Warefare Magnum/Police

(Magnum Sniper Rifle)
Cena: $ 4750
Nboje: 10 / 30
Strana: Terorist / Counter-Terorist

Heckler & Koch G3/SG-1

(D3/AU-1 Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle)
Cena: $ 5000
Nboje: 20 / 60
Strana: Terorist

SIG Sauer SG-550

(Krieg 550 Commando)
Cena: $ 4200
Nboje: 30 / 90
Strana: Counter-Terorist


FN M249 Para

(ES M249 Para)
Cena: $ 5750
Nboje: 100 / 200
Strana: Terorist / Counter-Terorist


Flashbang Grenade

Cena: $ 200
Strana: Terorist / Counter-Terorist

Smoke Grenade

Cena: $ 300
Strana: Terorist / Counter-Terorist

High Explosive Grenade

Cena: $ 300
Strana: Terorist / Counter-Terorist

Kevlar Vest

Cena: $ 650
Strana: Terorist / Counter-Terorist

Kevlar Vest & Helmet

Cena: $ 1000
Strana: Terorist / Counter-Terorist

Defuse Kit

Cena: $ 200
Strana: Counter-Terorist

Night Vision Goggles

Cena: $ 1250
Strana: Terorist / Counter-Terorist

Tactical Shield

Cena: $ 2200
Strana: Counter-Terorist
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